PPC Bulgaria JSCo (PPC BG) is a subsidiary of the Greek electricity Utility PUBLIC POWER CORPORATION SA and has successfully established itself on the Bulgaria electricity market in 2015 under electricity trading license Л-444-15/16.06.2015. PPC is seeking to penetrate further into the Bulgaria electricity market through PPC Bulgaria JSCo. The company is 85% owned by PPC and 15% by Alpiq Central Europe Ltd The main strategic goals of the company are:

  • Build-up capabilities for operations in the Bulgarian wholesale market.
  • Achieve profitable operations by developing a well-balanced wholesale portfolio.
  • Procurement of electricity on Northern borders of Greece and optimization of such electricity procurement.
  • Acquire the right to participate at cross-border capacity tenders initiated by Electricity System Operator EAD.
  • Conclusion of contracts for physical delivery of energy to wholesale and related parties.
  • Conclusion of contracts for energy purchases with third and related parties.
  • Performing of long-, medium- and short-term trading activities.
  • Trading with standard and non-standard power products.
  • Participation at cross-border capacity auctions.
  • Participation at IBEX.
  • Energy import to and export out of Bulgaria.

Adress : 2 Pozitano Square, floor 7, Triaditsa District, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
Telephone : +359 2 400 80 88
FAX : +359 2 400 80 89
Web site : www.ppc-bg.com